Drake Sets the Bar 

Drake is breaking records left and right following the release of his mixtape titled “If Your Reading This Its Too Late.” After lacing us with hits such as ” 6 Man” and “Madonna” its no surprise that fans and enemies alike are going crazy. All 17 songs have nabbed a spot on Hot R&B / Hip Hop Songs Chart according to Billboard, with him dominating over 42% of the 50 slot positions.

Proving to the world that he has this music thing down pact, Drake holds a new title as being one of the top artist in the U.S. Are we surprised? This project has made it clear that Drake is hear to stay, and calling out those who doubted him with a seasoned confidence that comes all to natural. Hosting a few RnBass tracks, this release is giving us a glimpse into what 2015 has in store for the RnBass genre.

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